Teen Read Week

Celebrate Teen Read Week with the
BS High School Library and Bookaholics Anonymous Book Club!

October 18 – 22

You could win a Barnes and Noble Nook eReader!
Two Barnes and Noble Nooks will be given away: one to a student and one to a teacher. Students who participate in the Teen Read Week activities will be entered into a drawing for the chance to win a Nook. In order to be eligible for the drawing, a student must:

  • attend the speed booking party (Tuesday, October 19)
  • dress up as an author or character from a book or graphic novel (Wednesday, October 20)
  • “get caught reading” at least 4 times during Teen Read Week. (Tuesday through Thursday)

Teachers who give out Get Caught Reading Cards and dress up on Thursday will be eligible for a chance to win a Nook!

Get Caught Reading
From Tuesday through Thursday, (October 19 – 21),
teachers will be on the lookout for students reading during their free time. Anyone caught reading will receive a card that can be turned in to the library. Students who turn in at least three cards during the week will be invited to breakfast in the library on Friday, October 22. The students with at least 4 cards will have their names entered into a drawing for a Barnes and Noble gift certificate!

Literary Dress Up Day
On Wednesday, October 20, students can choose to dress up as an author or a character from a book or comic book. If a book has been made into a movie, use the movie as inspiration for a costume! Students and teachers will vote for the winner of the Best Costume Award in both the teacher and student categories. The winner of each category will win a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble and two additional entries into the Nook drawings.

Speed Booking Party
Speed booking is a twist on speed dating. You will have 2 minutes to convince the person you’re sitting with that the book you love is worth reading. The other person also has 2 minutes to convince you to read their book.  At the end of each 4-minute round, you move to the next station to convince the next person – and the game goes on.

Party Details:
Date: Tuesday, October 19
Time: Lunch
Location: High School Library

To register for the speed booking party, email Mrs. Goodall (carrie.goodall@parkviewbaptist.com) or stop by the library to sign up. Include the title and author of the book you plan to talk about.
Registration ends Friday, October 15.


One Response to “Teen Read Week”

  1. Laura Kelly Says:

    Nothing better than seeing kids reading and what a great way to encourage them!

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