Welcome back students! I hope that you had a wonderful summer and are ready to start the new school year strong. I would like to remind you that the library is here to help you with all of your research needs, we also have plenty of materials for leisure reading too. You are welcome to stop by the library at any time to check out a book, ask me for research assistance, or read quietly.

To make sure that the library is a calm and welcoming environment there are a few rules that you will be asked to follow. These rules are posted in the library and are as follows:

  1. Respect each other:
    • While we don’t expect you to whisper, we do expect you to be considerate of others; maintain a low conversational tone of voice while in the library.
    • No more than 4 students per table. More than that generates too much noise and leaves no room for anyone to work.
  2. No food or drink is allowed. In addition to possible spillage, both can attract unwanted guests of the four or greater legged variety.
    • If you have a drink you may leave it at the circulation desk and retrieve it when you exit the library.
  3. Clean up after yourselves and push in your chairs.
  4. Do not re-shelve books

Access to the library is a privilege not a right, if you are disruptive and not working or studying you will be asked to leave.



Hello Summer!

It’s Summer!  Even though the library is closed for the summer the librarian is preparing for next year and is available to you.  If you would like to make any book requests or need research assistance please contact Mrs. Morello at nicole.morello@parkviewbaptist.com.

PBS Library Week for Middle and High School!!!

In observation of School Library Month, and reading in  general, PBS middle and high school divisions will celebrate Library Week on April 30 through May 4.  During this week we  will have several activities to encourage our students to read:

Get Caught Reading!  Students can earn a reward card if they are  “caught reading” by a teacher during non-instructional time.  Reward cards can be redeemed for candy and  students who have received three cards during the week are eligible for a  special drawing to win a Kindle. 

Character Dress Up!  On Wednesday May 1, students and teachers are encouraged to dress  up as their favorite book character.  (Middle School only)

Bookmark Contest!  Students can draw a bookmark for the  contest and the winner will receive a Barnes and Noble Gift card.  The top three designs will be duplicated and  distributed.  (Middle School only)

Happy Reading!

New Magazines!!!

The library has recently subscribed to a number of new magazines that might be of interest to you.  The following new magazine titles have just been added:

Military History –Military History gives insightful and intellectual perspectives into the intriguing world of war. The strategies, the battles, the people who make the life and death decisions are all dissected and discussed in this publication. For the professional educator and the casual enthusiast, Military History provides hours of satisfaction and enrichment.

Smithsonian –In-depth coverage of history, science, nature, the arts, travel, world culture and technology.

Popular Science –The “What’s New” magazine of science and technology. Covering the latest developments in cars, electronics, communications, tools, energy, aviation, science, space exploration and much more.

Susie –Susie Magazine is a global sisterhood for teen girls. Susie Magazine exists to strengthen girls in their faith, guiding them in developing healthy relationships, providing healthy role models and teaching positive self-image. The magazine is a general interest magazine, touching on everything that is important in a teen girl’s life, but from a faith-based perspective.

We still subscribe to great titles such as Time, Sports Illustrated and more!  The library also provides access to hundreds of great magazines and journals through our online database.  Whether reading for leisure or research the library has a resource that will meet your needs.

Welcome to the 3rd Quarter!

You’re halfway done with the school year!  If your performance in the first semester was lacking consider a visit to the library.  No matter the topic your librarian is happy to help you with your research needs.  Make a resolution to make better grades this semester and improve your research skills, stop by and visit the library today!

Welcome to the 2nd quarter!

You’re almost through the 1st semester!  I hope that your classes are going well and that you’re keeping up with all your projects and assignments.  Remember that the library has resources and databases to help you with all your research needs.  I am also available to help you in locating the best resources for your projects and research papers, just ask!

Remember that the library is open during lunch and after school.  You are also welcome to stop by during your off hours or during class (with permission of your instructor).

The library has moved!

Welcome back!  You might have noticed that over the summer the library experienced a lot of changes, the biggest of which was its move from C building to E building.  The high school library is now located in E-101 and shares space with the middle school library.  The library still offers the same great resources as before, stop by and check it out.

There is also a new high school librarian.  Nicole Morello received her Master’s in Library and Information Science from LSU in 2005 and spent the past six years as a Reference Librarian and Assistant Professor at Baton Rouge Community College.  Her passion is information literacy instruction and she is very excited to be at Parkview Baptist School.  She is eager to work with both faculty and students on fulfilling their research needs.  Please stop by and say hello and ask how she can assist you in being more successful this year.