Welcome back students! I hope that you had a wonderful summer and are ready to start the new school year strong. I would like to remind you that the library is here to help you with all of your research needs, we also have plenty of materials for leisure reading too. You are welcome to stop by the library at any time to check out a book, ask me for research assistance, or read quietly.

To make sure that the library is a calm and welcoming environment there are a few rules that you will be asked to follow. These rules are posted in the library and are as follows:

  1. Respect each other:
    • While we don’t expect you to whisper, we do expect you to be considerate of others; maintain a low conversational tone of voice while in the library.
    • No more than 4 students per table. More than that generates too much noise and leaves no room for anyone to work.
  2. No food or drink is allowed. In addition to possible spillage, both can attract unwanted guests of the four or greater legged variety.
    • If you have a drink you may leave it at the circulation desk and retrieve it when you exit the library.
  3. Clean up after yourselves and push in your chairs.
  4. Do not re-shelve books

Access to the library is a privilege not a right, if you are disruptive and not working or studying you will be asked to leave.



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